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Value investor Peter Cundill

In the context of recent financial upheavals and ongoing uncertainty, Peter Cundill's wise and frequently funny reflections are more important than ever. In a seamlessly assembled narrative drawn from interviews, speeches, and exclusive access to the daily journal Cundill kept for forty-five years, Christopher Risso-Gill outlines Cundill's investment approach and provides accounts of his investments and analytical process that led to their selection. Sadly, Peter Cundill passed away on January 24, 2011, but his influence will continue to be felt in his philanthropy and his contributions to the financial world. Foreword by Prem Watsa, Chief Executive of Fairfax Financial Holdings.

                  ​Christopher Risso-Gill

​'There's Always Something to Do: The Peter Cundill Investment Approach'

Reviews of There's Always Something to Do:

"I was fortunate to have Peter Cundill as my mentor in an Aspen Institute fellows program.  Shortly after Peter died, I received at my home in Moscow a copy of the first book Christopher wrote about him.  I regret that it took me so long to finally open the cover, but I did so this past weekend and was richly rewarded by the book. Peter's spirit, energy and wisdom fill every page of the well-crafted portrait. All those who knew him are fortunate indeed that he entrusted this legacy to Christopher Risso-Gill."

Bernie Sucher


"Having known Peter Cundill for thirty-five years, and participated with him in many investments, There's Always Something to Do tells the tale of one of the great value investors of our time. It includes stories of many small and mid cap situations that the large cap, institutional world wouldn't otherwise know. This is a must read for the value crowd, right up there with Buffett and Klarman."

Michael F. Price, MFP Investors Inc.

"Peter Cundill was handed a copy of this book just a few days before he died. He will have been extremely pleased with it. There's Always Something to Do should be essential reading for anyone with a serious interest in beating the market. Cundill's rules for investment success are lovingly and freely documented in his own words."

Peter Stormonth Darling, Ex Chairman of Mercury Asset Management

"It is said that our vision can only surpass that of our progenitors when we stand on the shoulders of giants. Peter Cundill, visionary value investor, stood on the shoulders of Benjamin Graham, his mentor, and produced long-term risk-adjusted investment results virtually unrivalled in his time. Peter's treasures await only the opening of the cover of this remarkable book. Memo to reader: enjoy the prospecting!"

Alan Russell Kahn, Kahn Brothers Group Inc.

"If you want to know how the best in the business practices value investing, then you must read this book."

James Morton, CIO of Santa Lucia Asset Management and editor of The Financial Times Guide to Global Investing

I was not disappointed by the book. It is a very interesting insight into Peter Cundill's personal life and investments. The author is able to draw on his personal interactions with Peter, and hundreds of pages of notes which Peter recorded throughout his life."

Jacob Wolinsky of and

"Peter is that rare thing, a fund manager who had the courage to think for himself and to ignore the glib word-mongers of Wall Street. He always wanted to see what was beyond the horizon and that search took him to a lot of interesting places. This fascinating book tells of that search."

Miles Morland, Chairman and founder of Blakeney Management and DPI

"The book's excellent and Risso-Gill having access to Cundill's personal journal and investing notebooks is an even bigger plus than I'd imagined. The book gives us Cundill's regular diet of reading, and I thing you'll find it of interest. Cundill, like every value investor of note, was a voracious reader. Peter Cundill's 7 'Indispensable' Books for Every Serious Investor is overall, an interesting list. What's more, Risso-Gill's new book on Peter Cundill deserves being ranked as well."

John Bethnel of


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